5 Top Email Design Tips To Help You Create Results

An email inbox has become so competitive. Every brand is fighting to grab the attention of their subscribers. It’s becoming increasingly hard for a brand to get the attention of its subscribers. First, all kinds of brands are competing against each other for a precious time of their subscribers’. Secondly, brands are competing for the same precious time with subscribers’ loved ones, bosses and so on.

So, there is a need to make your brand stand out from the rest not only with a mix of compelling subject lines, but also with captivating content. Last but most importantly, your email must look really good. Simply put, you must have a great email design that evokes a particular feeling that is not only memorable, but can also drive an audience to act. The following five tips will help you design emails that will do just that. Check them out!

  • Create a seamless brand experience

When Instagram and Gap changed their logos, they faced a very intense scrutiny because the consumers had become used to a specific visual representation of the brand. Of course, the same idea applies to the inbox. When your subscribers have come to know your email, they will always expect it to have the same look and feel as what is on your website as well as in the outside world.

One of the best examples you should learn from is the publisher Oxford American. The publisher manages to compete with other brands because their email magnificently matches their periodically print magazine. This is what actually gives a seamless brand experience to their subscribers.

  • Keep it nice and clean

There is likelihood that majority of your subscribers view your email on mobile devices. Whether that is the case or not, it’s important to emphasize on formatting and organization if you want to create reader-friendly emails. If your email has a lot of content, all you need to do is to use a single-column layout and ensure that you include clearly defined sections with bold headlines and subheadings, and call-to-action (CAT) buttons. Research shows that visitors spend about 80% of their time above the fold. This therefore means putting the most compelling content above the fold will greatly increase click rates. Last but not least, make sure that you build your font in plenty of white space, and the font size must be at least 16 px.

  • Create the most beautiful images possible

According to research, our brains can be able to process images more than 60,000 times faster that they can process written words. Actually, this must be the main reason why HubSpot found out that about 65% of recipients prefer to receive emails that contain more images than words. So, for your emails to be beautiful, you need to use beautiful images to tell your story. For the best results, ensure that the imagery you choose reflects your brands, customers or product. Images tend to inspire people and evoke specific feelings and desires.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali is famous and popular around the world for his amazing culinary creations. He knows that it his subscribers want incredible culinary creations and that’s exactly what he delivers with every email. His subscribers say that they can’t help but feel inspired and hungry after viewing his mouth-watering dish.

It’s important to note that not all images must be static. According to report released by Marketing Sherpa, animated GIFs can increase conversion rates by about 103%. The same report shows that animated GIFs can increase your revenue by about 109%. So, for best results, you should choose a fun animated GIF because it will draw much attention to your product or promotion. To avoid any rendering problems, make sure that the first frame of your GIF looks beautiful just as a static image.

  • Creating a Strong Call to Action while using your subscribers language

Yes, it is true that almost all consumers are drawn to images and vide. However, this does not mean you should not take your copy seriously. For instance, you should not take the subject line and call-to-action (CAT) for granted because they contribute greatly toward determining both your open and click rates. Furthermore, your copy is important because it provides context to the beautiful design that you have created.

It’s advisable that you avoid using too much cramped copy, but instead, give your subscribers a quick, convincing reason to click through to a landing page because that is where you have plenty of space and more time to tell your complete story. Simply put, ensure that your copy is clean, fun and smart, and that which can draw you toward the call-to-action (CAT).

  • Picking the correct colors for your audience

About 80 percent of people say that they buy a product because of its color. The same applies to email creation and presentation. It’s almost impossible to have a great email design if you fail to play with color. Choose and use color wisely depending on the feeling that you want your email to evoke in your audience.

Every color you are going to use in your email will cause a particular reaction in the reader. So, choose color according to the reaction you expect it to create on your audience. For instance, if you need to create a sense of urgency, use red. Red is therefore the color for sales, promotions and time-sensitive events. If you want to inspire a sense of growth and relaxation in your readers, then you should use green. On the other hand, inspires a sense of immediacy while yellow attracts attention of your readers. When your readers see blue, they develop a sense of trust and security in your website, brand or product. In short, color choice is very important because it helps you convey the right and intended feeling to your subscribers.

The above five tips are extremely important especially if you want to create an email that will attract your reader’s interest, create excitement or encourage them to take action. With these tips, you will be able to represent your brand in a beautiful way, which will result into better email performance.

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