Can Regular Fresh Content Rank Your Website?

I get this question all of the time. Can regular fresh content really make your website rule google? My answer is: yes it can! However people don’t think about things and then generate a lot of content. Then about 1-2 months into blogging every day they get burned out. Then they say I don’t believe you. This makes sense, because everything we do, we do on purpose. Remember being in the top five for your search term means PROFIT!DIY SEO FOR NEWBIES

So, what does it mean that we do everything on purpose? It means that every subject of our fresh content, we research and blog about intentionally. We title our blog on purpose. We even make our blog titles on purpose. See that is what makes what we do different then everybody else. We make stellar fresh content on a regular basis, but there is more to it then just this. You have to get your website in front of your target audience. You also need to get other sites in your niche to link to you!

Lets look at a simple do it yourself approach to a low competition niche. The first thing is to make a few simple social profiles. Build out your website, and link your social profiles to your website. Then either do some keyword research or pay someone to do it for your. Build your posts around the keywords that you have. Build out two well written pieces of content per week. Make one youtube video per week about your blog post. Even if the video is shot with a iPhone/Android phone. The idea is to create the video and drop a link to your website in the content (written portion posted below the video).

My strongest suggestion with this, is to research youtube a little bit. What does that mean? There are tags on youtube. Look at other people in your field with videos. Look at the top 3 videos for your search term. See the tags? Copy those tags in your written portion of the video bio. Shoot your video and post it! Some people write out all of the content in the video below, but we don’t find that it makes that much of a difference. We find a couple of paragraphs, and the right tags works the best.

Do a google search for guest blog and your niche. So it will look exactly like this: “guest blog niche” for me it would be “guest blog SEO”. I think you get the idea here. This is important if you are on a budget you can submit the piece to a few different blogs and eventually a website owner will reply back. Don’t get offended if some of the websites do not respond to you. In fact when you first start in is common you have to contact at least 50 sites. I know this is a lot, but remember until you have some sort of name you have to do the hard work. When submitting the content, it can not be the exactly the same as your new fresh content that you just blogged about on your site. It must be about 70% original content. Once the other website owner posted the content on their site, just make sure they have at least one link pointed to your new post/blog on your website. Here is a little trick, once you have posted on someones website, ask them to post it on their social media. This helps you, and can help you get followers quickly!

Now if you do all of this and you list your regular fresh content on your social media accounts, and follow the person who just posted your blog post on their site. I would even comment about how great of experience it was to work with the other website’s owner. This is important, always thank the webmaster, even if they didn’t Fresh Content Google rankingsdeserve it. Not everyone is easy to work with. Remember it’s not personal it all about the $$$$. In some niches with this approach it’s almost like gangster money!


In closing remember well researched regular fresh content, a few links, and social media shares go a long ways when trying to get the google monster to pay attention to you.

Check out my blog next week when we talk about how to engage some of the different social medias to get the most out of it. This is going to be a great post! I have been working on a how to do it post for a little over a week. We can’t tell you all of the tricks we use, but we sure can tell you many things that will work for you! See you in a week!

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