The talk around downtown seems to be focused on all of the people with phones in hand staring intently at their screens. Yes, I am talking about all the different people playing Pokemon! It seems that everybody downtown has a different take on it. Some people like myself are excited that so many new people are walking around downtown! Others, well lets just say that they are less than excited about the Pokemon phenomena.

So what is our take on this? Well, my first thought when I see a huge trend like this, is how can I profit from this? Before we get to this point later in the blog lets talk about the fact that there is a huge influx of people walking downtown. There are simple straight forward facts in business like: there has to be walking traffic for the local store fronts. The more people walking around, the higher the probability that a person will come into the store and buy something. Out of all the downtown stores fronts the businesses that will get the most out of the Pokemon craze are : coffee shops,  restaurants, and bakeries. So when we think about the fact the people are looking around while they are on the search for Pokemon, it means free exposure. In my personal opinion in life it’s not who you know, but rather who knows you.

So the more people that know about your business the more money you have the opportunity to make in profits. Provided that service or product is in some sort of demand, and the quality is better than average. I know we can debate this all day long, so I am going to leave this part alone today.

I have to admit that I find humor in the fact that our recent federal administration has spent millions of dollars trying to get people to just get out and walk. Then Pokemon comes out and in one short month the amount of the average American has walked twice as much as the month before. Now I know that many people don’t play Pokemon, but the people who do play have walked 100’s of times further than the month prior. Even more than that in some cases.  If you average all of this in, it means that Americans doubled the amount of steps taken during the day! Way to go Pokemon!

Ok, so what does all of this mean? What it means is that Pokemon has broken into a new field of entertainment. Many new companies will follow in Pokemon’s trail, and make a lot of money. It also means more and more people will be exercising and not realizing what is happening. So now that I have pointed all of this out, what it means for your business is simple. It means we now can be first in line to advertise our business to this captive audience before it becomes expensive. If we look at the advertising mediums online, in the beginning they were very cheap to advertise with, and as time went long the cost went up.

With all of that being said, think about your ad if you are considering this. Example being it is easier on a mobile marketing platform to try and get some personal information in return for a give-a-way item, then to try and sell them. Your conversion rate will increase dramatically and so will short and long term profits. A very easy and inexpensive way to collect emails and market to your email list over and over.

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