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Hello my friends! We are so excited to do business here in Fayetteville. For all of you who don’t know us we are located at 311 Hay street! Yes, right here in the historic district. I have to be honest we have some of the most beautiful scenery in the area right here!

Frozen Fountain in Historic Downtown FayettevilleSince we are located right here in Fayetteville, this allows us to understand the unique needs of our city. We understand that in our city the consumers behave much differently then they do up in Raleigh or even in Charlotte.

We have completely changed businesses just by creating, adapting, or tweaking the digital marketing plans and efforts that were already in tact. We have assisted with a lot of page one rankings for many businesses here in town as well as world rankings. We stay current to all of the current google changes that happen frequently.

Let’s be honest with each other here: would you rather work with people who truly want to see you succeed and will provide you with every tool possible, or another company that normally takes huge clients and you end up last on the list of things to do? We have started out with a different small business and understand just how difficult small business can be to make the ends meet.

See, because we have faced many of the same problems that a small business faces we have sought out solutions. Especially for your online business. We start out by getting you into the top 5 results for you main keyword right away as our first goal (sometimes this takes a little bit of time because of the difficulty of competition). From here we start adding in small keywords that help drive consistent traffic to your website. At this point we start looking at conversions, what percent of the traffic is converting to sales. We take our research of your given niche and see how you are converting compared to your competitors.

Fayetteville NC SEOWe get asked all the time “How do I get in the number 1 position?”. This is a great question. After all we want to be in front of our target audience as much as possible. The truth to this statement is even if we place you into the top slot you will bounce around the 1st page. We can give the search engines everything that they could ask for and there is not an SEO company out there that can hold that slot consistently and permanently. The reason for this is based around a google update that makes the results more personal. So if I search and you search the order may appear differently.

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