Social Media Update for the Holiday Season

For retailers around the world, the holiday season is very important because it accounts for about 20 percent of their annual sales. December holiday is almost here and just like any other holiday season, you need to plan for it as early as possible. Any successful retailer knows that early planning is extremely important. Otherwise, you might not reap the most benefit that come with the biggest times of the year.

2016 was a relatively mellow year especially in respect to social media updates. However, that doesn’t mean there were not any important announcements. As a business owner, I bet you always on the lookout for any noteworthy announcements on social media. Nevertheless, chances are that you missed some important social media news in October either because the month was mellow or you didn’t expect any valuable updates, or because you were just too busy.

Yes, it is true that Vine’s demise was actually the most significant social media news in October. But still, there were some other noteworthy news and a few changes from various media platforms that you probably missed. That is why we thought it wise to highlight test social media news and updates from the month of October. Check them out!

  1. Twitter

Few months ago, Twitter announced that it was increasing the 6-second limit for Vines up to 140 seconds. However, the announcement that Twitter made in October means that that limit will soon be zero. Precisely, Twitter announced in October that I will soon discontinue the Vine app altogether in the coming months. For now, the good news is that you are still allowed to access and download your Vines as usual.

According to the announcement made by Twitter management on October 2016, any website and all the Vines that you have already uploaded will still live at least for now. The management made it clear that all the users will receive notifications through the app immediately things begin to change. When making the announcement, the team said that it will be keeping the website online because they still want to be able to watch any incredible Vines that have been made.

It was in 2012 when Twitter bough Vine for $30 million before launching it in 2013. A few months after its launch, Vine became very famous and popular, and users knew it for its looping 6-second videos. According a report from The Motley Fool, Vine had at least 200 million monthly active users.

Be sure to respond to your consumers’ tweets and to engage them on Twitter all the time. According to a new Twitter study, retailers who do not respond to their consumers’ tweets on Tweeter loose out not only on revenue but also on loyalty of their customers. Recently, Titter came up with new tools that allow for enhancement of customer service.

  1. Pinterest

In June this year, Pinterest launched their visitor retargeting, which marked its entry into the world of retargeting. Two months later – in August – Pinterest rolled out Engagement Retargeting, which allows social advertisers to target people who engage with pins. Pinterest is not about to stop because it is now giving social media advertisers even more new and better retargeting options.

Pinerest announced in August that users can now create an engagement audience. Users of Pinterest can now create engagement audiences based on the actions that they take with their pins, and actions that their users take on the website.

Pinterest announced in October that you could now create retargeting campaigns based on five actions – comments, clicks, Closeps, saves and like – that Pinterest users can take with your pins. According to Pinterest blog post, you can be able to create an engagement audience based on the interest of people in a specific pin that is linking to your website. Actually, this retargeting option is a great one because apart from helping you to reach users who have already engaged with your pins, you can also be able convince them to convert.

For example, Pinterest says that you can decide to create an action-based campaign by targeting a specific person who has saved any of your Pins with your next story in your campaign. If a person has ever clicked on a Pin, there is likelihood that he or she will take action on that particular Pin in the future. This therefore means that this kind of retargeting creates good opportunities and a lot of potential for new businesses.

By October 2016 year, Pinterest had 500 employees, and 150 million monthly active users, and 70 million of these users live in the U.S.

  1. Facebook

Facebook announced in October that new, big changes are coming to its pages particularly on call-to-action buttons. Precisely, it has added three new call-to-action buttons, which have all been integrated with Messenger thread.  The new call-to-action buttons include the following:

  • Get Quote

Facebook thought it wise to roll out this button because they noted that its availability is limited globally. The button allows your customers to request a quote for your service.

  • Request Time

The button allows your customers to request a booking. Unfortunately, this is only available in the U.S. for businesses that have added a Service section to their Facebook Page.

  • Shop Now

Facebook included this button to allow all Pages to display your product so that people can buy from the Shop section. Furthermore, Facebook announced that they will soon allow you to tag posts with your products from the Post section.

In addition, Facebook announced that it will be rolling out a new recommendation feature, which will help more people in discovering your business Facebook.

  1. YouTube

YouTube announced in October that it has added a new feature that will allow users to add a thumbnail overlay to the end of their videos. This will actually help you a great deal in keeping your viewers engaged. End Screens is the feature and Facebook announced that it will appear at some point in the last 5 to 20 seconds of your video to help keep your viewers engaged. Those people using a desktop computer, and would want to see more information, they will simply hover over the thumbnails. On the other hand, mobile users will be able to see more information by tapping on the thumbnails.

Provided your video has 16:9 aspect ratio, you will be able to use a maximum of four content promotional elements. However, YouTube says that one of the four elements must be either a video or a playlist.

YouTube announced this October that they will be launching a new, but optional video features that are going to add visible text on your video for the first few seconds. The text will actually inform your viewers of a paid promotion.

  1. Reddit

Steve Huffman, the Reddit CEO, held an AMA style update via a self-post on /r/announcements on October 26, 2016 to announce that Reddit was launching a handful of new features. One of the most noteworthy announcements was that Reddit would be launching “Interest Targeting” into its Ads. This would let advertisers to target audiences on some predefined interests such as sports, music and gaming and so on. Actually, this will be informed by which communities the audiences your are targeting frequent.

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